Upon joining the Fellowship Forum, members are accorded "Active" membership status. Active membership is limited to 55 persons. In addition to participating in, and contributing to, the good fellowship of the Forum, Active Members are normally expected to attend at least 75 percent of the regular weekly 11:30 to 1:30 Tuesday luncheon meetings each year.

Active Members are also expected and indeed obligated to:
  • Assist the Program Committee by actively seeking appropriate speakers for luncheon meetings;
  • Accept appointment or election to committees or offices;
  • Vote in elections for new members and officers;
  • Assist in the recruitment of new members;
  • Pay annual dues.
Over time, if health or other circumstances make regular attendance and full participation impossible, Active Members may choose to become Inactive Members, at which time they may attend meetings when they are able, cease paying dues, and can no longer vote.

Acceptance of these expectations and obligations is a condition for membership in the Fellowship Forum.

Membership is by invitation only. If you have been nominated for membership, please click on the Nomination Form tab and complete the form.  

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